MEMBERS: Join the CoQ10 Association

There are four tiers of membership available to potential members of the CoQ10 Association. Each level has a greater set of member benefits.

Leadership Membership (Executive Board)

  1. This level is for organizations wishing to take an active role in the direction of the industry; provides automatic seats on CoQ10 Association’s boards and sub-committees
  2. $24,000 annual dues
  3. Executive Board meetings by teleconference
  4. Annual two-day strategic planning meeting and resource presentations
  5. All benefits for Affiliate, Base, and Plus levels apply

Plus Level Membership

  1. $12,000 annual dues
  2. Members receive exclusive, detailed market data, market assistance, and consumer studies
  3. Global CoQ10 Annual Market Review for ingredients
  4. Access to CoQ10 Product Database
  5. All benefits for Affiliate and Base level apply

Base Level

  1. $6,000 annual dues
  2. Use of CoQ10 Associate logo
  3. Access to member newsletters, updates and presentation library
  4. Detailed listing of your company on the CoQ10 Association website
  5. Eligible to serve on CoQ10 Association committees

Associate Level (non-voting)

  1. $2,500 annual dues
  2. Access to CoQ10 Association member newsletters
  3. Detailed listing of your company on the CoQ10 Association website
  4. This is intended for members with no CoQ10 related products


For more information, contact or download a membership kit.