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Discover CoQ10: New Frontiers in Research
Overlooked Market Opportunities Among Mature Adults and Athletes

Your company is well aware of the need for Coenzyme Q10 supplementation alongside statin use. Between the year 2000 and today, usage of CoQ10 increased tenfold worldwide. That accepted niche market is on the cusp of branching out in diverse new frontiers. Are you staying apprised of the potential for massive new market expansion?


Join CoQ10 Association as we Develop New Markets!

Athletes, especially endurance athletes, often demonstrate low CoQ10 levels due to the sheer ATP-demand they place on all muscle tissue in their bodies. Mature adults experience a natural decline in CoQ10 production, and their common digestive challenges can result in compromised CoQ10 uptake from dietary sources.

There is an intense need to educate these new markets through public events and practitioner empowerment. As ingredient suppliers and supplement manufacturers, we’re coming together under the CoQ10 Association to direct those educational efforts and guide market growth.

Like vitamin C and Omega-3, CoQ10 has the potential to become the next ubiquitous supplement in households around the world. Join the CoQ10 Association to become a true industry leader and stay apprised on all CoQ10 breakthroughs.