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Discover CoQ10: Not Only a Statin Therapy Adjunct
Heart Health Antioxidant Invaluable for Overlooked Populations

The medical community is well aware of the necessity of Coenzyme Q10 supplementation alongside statin therapies. With strategic supplementation, it is possible to provide aggressive cholesterol reduction without harming CoQ10 levels. But statin users are not the only population that benefit significantly from CoQ10 supplementation.


Endurance Athletes and Mature Adults are Subjects of Latest CoQ10 Studies

CoQ10 cardio health benefits are vivid. The heart muscle itself is the organ with the highest need for energy-producing CoQ10. That energy-production benefit is also a clue to the additional benefits to other populations.

CoQ10 levels tend to be low for:

Endurance Athletes – Due to the high ATP (cellular energy) usage during sustained moderate to high intensity exercise

Mature Adults – Due to digestion challenges and a natural decline in CoQ10 production

CoQ10 supplementation should be recommended regularly for these groups.

Recent studies have also looked at how CoQ10 might play a role in addressing other wide-ranging challenges including migraines, dermal health, diabetes, and even Parkinson’s disease. These diverse populations are the subjects of leading edge CoQ10 research. Find links to the most intriguing studies on our Scientific Studies page.

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