Frequently Asked Questions

About CoQ10 and the CoQ10 Association

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Potential Members

Who is eligible for membership?
As a trade association, the CQA has three levels of membership that are open to direct industry stakeholders: raw ingredient CoQ10 manufacturers, final branded product packagers, and retailers. Manufacturers and brand holders who are members of CQA commit to honoring our Code of Ethics and an industry-leading level of product quality.

We also have an Associate Member level that is open to physicians, scientific journals, consumers, service-related industry partners, and anyone committed to the knowledge and advancement of CoQ10.

How do you join the CoQ10 association?
First, review our page about joining the CQA. Use this information to determine the membership level that is appropriate for you and your company. Also feel free to contact our current members to learn about the advantages of membership. You may download our application kit at the bottom of the Join the CoQ10 Association page.

The membership kit includes:
More information about the association and membership levels.
1-page registration form
Signature certification page
Email notifications sign up form

How do I pay for my company’s membership dues?
Membership dues may be paid in single annual payments, or they may be divided into twice-per-year or quarterly payments.

Who should I contact if I have other questions about membership?
You may contact our Executive Director Scott Steinford at Or call the association office at (801) 990-0096.

Who should I contact about my membership application?
If you have questions about application protocol or your application status, please contact the association office by emailing: Or call the association office at (801) 990-0096.


CoQ10 Consumers

I’ve heard that some CoQ10 brands are low quality. How do I find a reputable CoQ10 product?
Start by visiting the CoQ10 Association Member Directory. Our member manufacturers produce CoQ10 under strict association quality guidelines. Some of our members are manufacturers of raw ingredient CoQ10. Some produce the final packaged product. You should be able to find a brand that is available at a retailer in your area or a brand that can be easily ordered online.

Do I need CoQ10 even if I’m not taking a statin?
It’s true that CoQ10 is depleted by statin use. But, CoQ10 levels can be drastically affected by other factors too. CoQ10 can be depleted by excessive exercise (i.e. endurance and performance athletics), extreme stress, poor diet, and the natural aging process. CoQ10 supplementation is important for all these populations. Talk to your primary health care provider about getting your CoQ10 levels checked to determine whether supplementing would be a good idea for you.